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It all starts with our stellar Kenworth T680 fleet.

Our drivers enjoy the luxury of knowing they are well equipped to get the job at hand done. Our trucks are all specced similar so our mechanics know how to maintain our fleet. Our average truck age is 2.3 years old and our average trailer age is 3.4 years old.

Our KW T680 Features

We've made sure that you have the maximum power, safety, and comfort available.

Disc Brakes at All Wheel Positions

We run disc brakes because they stop faster, cool faster, don’t exhibit brake fade, are lighter weight & last longer.

Aperia Halo

With the Halo Tire Inflation system, you can rest assured that you will always have 105 PSI in your drive tires.

InCab Navigation

Our trucks come with incab navigation and LED display allows you to both know where your at as well as know how your tractor is performing.


Enjoy improved handling & fuel mileage with our full FlowBelow system.

Our trailers are second to none and loaded with safety and productivity features.

When it comes to loading, weight, and safety, our Utility 4000DX trailers will help you stay on track.

Our Utility 4000DX Features

More than just standard trailers, we've made sure that our drivers have the safest features available like disk brakes, skylights, and upgraded floors.

Hendrickson Tire MaxxPro

Know for certain that your trailer tire pressure is set to the perfect pressure & know if you have a leak or not with the service light.


Trailer wings that improve fuel mileage & handling.


Airtabs drastically improve the handling when equipped on the truck and trailer.

Disc Brakes on Trailers

We run disc brakes because they stop faster, cool faster, don’t exhibit brake fade, are lighter weight & last longer.

Upgraded HD Floors

Haul the heaviest loads with our upgraded wooden floors.


All trailers are equipped with SkyLights so you can see what you’re doing inside of the trailer while at a loading dock.

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We have a deep sense of pride that comes from offering some of the most beautiful tractors and trailers to our amazing family of drivers.