Freight Services

Our freight services cover the gamut of modern business needs throughout the United States, Canada, and from Mexico.


Dry Van

Meiborg is the trusted name of all truckload dry van shipments. Our 40 years of experience have seen everything from dry food products to priceless T-Rex bones shipped.


Meiborg's fleet of new reefer trailers are well maintained and ready for your temperature controlled move. We can set the climate of the trailer from 80°F to -20°F.


Let our fleet quote your next open deck shipment. Our fleet of highly experienced flatbed drivers are equipped with tarps, straps, chains, & v-boards to ensure that your next shipment arrives safe & secure.


Our team of dedicated and shuttle (spotter) trucks work hard every day to keep our customers supply chains operating at peak efficiency. Our drivers are dedicated to their accounts and intimately know how to service our customers needs and wants.


Our team of professional drivers & support staff regularly ship hazmat products of all UN codes.

Tanker Endorsed Hazmat

Need a hazmat liquid shipped? All of our hazmat drivers also hold their tanker endorsements and we are ready to ship your liquid chemicals.


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